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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rain and Dilemas

Daily Jamaasian News

Hey jammers! Today in Washington it's just RAIN RAIN RAIN! It's cleared up a couple of times, but not enough to get outside for a reasonable amount of time. So, to pass the rainy day and since Cinapaw stayed the night at my house last night, we decided to make three new videos: School, The Lemonade Stand, and Store. Simple names, but oh well. The lemonade Stand didn't go to well, because Camtasia was acting up and making it hard for me to edit, but I'll get it posted ASAP. Right now Store is in the Videos section of my blog, and I will be uploading School soon.

I'm not quite sure of today's new item, so I will post that as soon as AJ starts working again. It's really been acting up this afternoon, and I'm not sure why. D:

Speaking of Animal Jam acting up, I have three new pesky glitches to report. First, I was making a new backup account and when I tried logging in various times, it all had the same outcome: It would load the first part fairly quickly, but after I chose a world the screen turned completely black with only Liza's voice from the Welcome to Jamaa thighy-mer-bober. Poor thigh must have though I was fairly dim or something, because she had to keep repeating: "Click your mouse to move close to me." Of course I couldn't because my screen was blanked out!

The next little glitch happened to me a lot this afternoon, to. I would try to log into my tecweb main account, but as soon as I chose a server the loading screen wouldn't get past six dots and would load there for like 20 mins. And after that, the little "You were gone for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again." message would come up.

The third glitch was pretty easy to ignore, but still quite annoying. Whenever a two-line-long message or speach bubble would pop up, a small pixilized line would cross underneath the second line. This happened with regular comunication bubbles AND the The Claw discarding your prize message.

Very annoying! Anyway, I had accidently clicked the Drawing Table in the Conservation Museum and when I exited out... BAM! The Claw had completely dissapeared, with only the game sign left!

 Along with that, I was sitting around the other day wondering about something... I realized that last Monday's rare was a Rare Shark Fin! And yet, there was already a rare shark fin; the black one sold in the Leap Year party in 2012. Could the same rares come out again, just in different color coordinations? Or was the DE post right, the one that seemed to be labled "Rare Icy Shark Fin"? Cool, if you ask me. ^-^

Happy jamming! ;D

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