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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Patched Rug

Daily Jamaasian News

Hey jammers! Today is April 2nd, and I'm kinda sad that its not April Fools anymore. On April Fools in 2nd grade, my teach tricked the class into thinking we were in HUGE trouble for no reason. We all fell for it, and a couple of us started crying. It was so funny when everyone learned it was just a joke!

Anyway, back to the point. Today's new item is the Patched Rug, sold in Outback Imports for 400 gems. It's a little bit pricey for a rug. The cheapest rug in Jamaa - the Jamaalidays welcome Mat - was free! Lol, better not get used to that! ;D

Ahh, today is faithful old humpday, so hopefully our friends in the fashion department will be doing the Newsletter later today! :P

And since there isn't anything else to do, I might as well post about the Secret Colors! Most of you probably know about the secret Crystal Blue color in Jamaa, but did you know about the secret white, raspberry, tan, purple, and burgenty colors? To get the secret blue, all you do is click the bottom right corner of the bottom right color (watercolor purple) in the color pannel! Whalaa, you get this beautiful crystal blue! It looks best with silver, gray, black, and purple! The other colors, moon white, raspberry, light tan, gray-purple and burgenty can't be obtained by simply clicking the corner of another color. These colors come with certain animals/games, here's a little list:
-moon white- obtained by acrtic wolves color 2
-raspberry- Best Dressed secret color
-light tan- cheetahs color 2 and snow leopards color 1
-gray-purple- snow leopards pattern
-burgenty- fox color 1

Also, over at Snicket's blog,, theres a new contest! Make sure to enter the Google+ Silly Story contest! ;D Enter by april 8th!

Hapy Jamming! ;D

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