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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm Bored

Hey jammers! I'm really bored so I'm going to post! XD Lol!

First, My internet was acting up really bad this morning and kept logging me out over and over, though I'm not sure if it was just an April Fools joke from AJHQ. One time, when I reloaded the page, it glitched out a little bit:
Hmm... the picture has sunken into the bottom of the page! How strange...
Also, I forgot to mention another of today's returning items in the Daily post! Wow, four items in one day is quite a lot, wouldn't you say? Take a look at April's shiny diamond birthstone, reapearing in Epic Wonders after a year's hiding.

Lol, I hate taking pictures when I can't afford the item! It looks so, well... red. Gosh, it's going to parannoy me all day long now!
I have a new contest! Well, I suppose it's not really a contest, just a fun little question. What's the story behind your username? I was talking with my friend, Hollyleafstar, earlier today and she said she chose her username because Hollyleaf was her favorite Warriors character. How funny, she was mine, to! Anyway, comment your story or email it to me at! Here's my user's story...
Most people think I chose the first part of my username because it's just the word tech without the "h", and despite my efforts to tell them its pronounced T.E.C.web, nobody listens. Thats fine with me though, I kind of like it better when it's a play on words. The "tec" are actually my initials!
Originally, my Dad came up with that username when I was into Webkins. Lol, I still have exactly 157 webkins stuffed in my room! Anyway, he just typed it in and I said, "Okay, what the heck?" And so that was my username. I got really attached to that, insistant that it represented me. So when I created my AJ account, I couldn't think of anything better then tecweb. :P That's my username story!
In other news, I want to thank my buddies for all the support they have given me when I started my blog. Thank you to the following jammers: wolfie292003, goldcobra, pink200330, Eternalmyth1, Cinapaw, CoffeeManiac, bunnieawesomness5, ninjabearrat, cherryblossom110, DashingC, chillcat1 and elophil. You guys have helped me so much with the inspiritation and support put into the AJLC, thank you all so much! WIthout knowing it, akachip8967, snowyclaw, chocolate4050, Breathless, jzale314, snicket8419, ShadowCharizard and Windysnow have also helped me!

Thats all for this post! Happy Jamming! :D
(lol, even if it's after 12 its still April Fools! Don't forget to comment what tricks you played!)

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