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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some Intro Choices (for Rainbow)

Hayy Guyyyys! So, since intro/outro requests are currently open, I'm giving some options to my friend Rainbow!!!!

Can be any song, though I'd rather not work with something extremely explicit.

Same as music, though I have some cool animation clips. Click here to view the 10 animation intros you can choose from.

Same rules apply. Please no explicit. Let me know what you want me to say!

Special Effects (colorizing, greenscreening, shapes & open animation, etc.)
You can request almost an endless amount of special effects. Choose from (you can choose more then  one):
-Greenscreening a character/fursona

-Colorizing a charatcer, shape, or fursona
-Moving Shapes (of any casual geometric forms)
-Moving greenscreened/colorizes items 
-Moving animations (not drawn)

Hope this helped, Rainbow! Toodaloo!


  1. I might be interested, but I cannot download/save anything at the moment as my laptop is acting rather strange. Maybe in a week or so if that's ok? I'll come back and ask later

    1. I have everything ready, there's no need for you to download/save anything! :D

  2. Wow, that was so long ago!!! You should post more Smarty or shouldn't have shut this blog down, cause it's amazing!


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