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Friday, April 4, 2014

Plushies + Tutus

Daily Jamaasian News + Glitch Detector

Hey jammers! For today's news, we have one new item: The Tutu! (colors and sizes may vary) XD Anywhoze, here we are, a fluffy pink bouquet of skirt!

Looks, fluffy. No doubt about it, this is definantly a tutu!

For reminder's sake, don't forget about the fabulouse contests going on throughout the blogs! The AJLC is hosting April's best buddy contest, and Trickster Style entries are due in four days! Send them in to! Also, over at, we have the silly stories contest! And, lastly, there is a new blog I would like to introduce, and I will be posting there as well as the AJLC...! Be sure to check it out!
Today is Friday, so that means two things: Glitch Detector and Giveaway Warning. So lets get onto buisness!
Today's glitch for Glitch Decoder is... The Sitting Glitch! This glitch can be done in Serepia, the Sands, or in a Waterpark Den... basically wherever there's a slide. To do it, simply go down a slide, change animals and do an action as fast as you can! And, what do you know? You're sitting in a whole new demension! Here's a cute little glitch gallery I put together with all the different directions...


 Thats all for glitches! Now, a prior warning for the second giveaway. Starting this Sunday, I will be giving away a Crystal Blue Dragon glove! However, this is just a warning. If you enter before Sunday I will not count your entry. To enter, type in your username, status (member, non member), and a good reason why you want the item. I will do giveaways weekly, so don't worry if you don't win the first time. Good luck!

I was shopping around the other day and I realized that the old "clearance" signs had been replaced by more convinient ones, that read "last day" and "2 days left". Check out Jamaa's new way of telling us whats got to go!

Lol, this is SO MUCH MORE CONVINIENT if you ask me! Anyway, has anyone noticed that The Claw has reset it's prizes? Now, you can get cheetah, arctic wolf, snow leopard, eagle, deer and raccoon plushies along with all the old ones! Awesomesauce!!!!

 And, when your set to collect, like me and bunnieawesomness5, you get pretty far! This is part of my Plushie Madness den!

Lions and kangaroos and snow leps, oh my! XD lol Thats all for today, happy jamming!

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