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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Search for Greely

Hi jammers I know I am a bit behind on this update so sorry. Anyway Hi I am Cinapaw the newest co author. Anyway this adventure features saving Greely the wolf Alpha from the phantoms. He is currently missing after eruption of Volcano in Greely's inferno all the Alphas think he is dead. (where is their Faith and Hope.) So after you get to see the Volcano after eruption and huge SPOLIER ALERT: You have to fight 2 phantom kings at once to get the last key. Pay attention to their end talk and it is obvious I am soon going to have another adventure to blog about XD! I think it will be called The phantom Beacon. Comment on what you think it will be called. I really enjoyed writing this for you! Happy Jamming!

Hi jammers this has nothing to do with adventures but I finally got how to upload imagines here is a self portrait I am so happy now I can show you me playing adventures if they are for non members ah another thing to do a review on perfect! lolz ;D!

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