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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Silly, Wacky, Zany Giveaway Results

Daily Jamaasian News        +       Giveaway Rusults

Hey jammers! I have some exciting news: Today's post brings the results of the giveaway!
It was SO hard to decide who won. Everyone had great reasons, and I was tempted to split it into fifths... even though thats not physically possible. Anyway, the winner is... *plays a drumrole* Eternal Myth! This was his (sorry for mistaking you for a girl I feel so bad D:) reason: "So I can complete my headfeather collection :D" Congratulations, Eternal! I will send you your prize after this is posted. As of the rest of you, don't worry if you didn't win! I will do giveaways every week, starting on Sunday and ending on Tuesday. Here are some items I have in mind, sign up for the one you want most!
-halo (brown, members)
-non member pirate sword (orange)
-headfeather (white)
-rare cupcake hat
-mech wings (pink)
-dragon glove (crystal blue, members)

And, since today is April 1st, we will be starting April's Best Buddy Contest! Send in a picture of you and your best buddy and both of your usernames to me at! Also, the Trickster Style contest entries are due in one week! On April 8th the winners will be announced.

When I got onto the April Fools party several days ago, I couldn't help but notice the absence of some of my favorite items: The zany, wacky, and silly items! I would show you a picture of their arrival in the shops, but unfortunatly, there isn't much of a picture to show!

The pictures are completely blank! How odd, that this happened to them at last year's party as well.. I suppose we just have to take a chance and see what it is!!

Also, through the past few days I spotted a little glitch! Whenever you click something with a pop-up, such as the moon in the wolves party or the ghost in the spooky party, it appears by your side. Sometimes, though, it doesn't quite like your side, so it decides to stay right where it is. Here are some pictures I found of the pop-ups acting up...

See that nobody is even close to the pop-ups? Silly things...

By the way, has anyone noticed what day it is? THIS BLOG IS OFFICIALLY SHUTTING DOWN!!!!!!!!!

Gotcha! What pranks are you playing on friends and family? Happy April Fools Jammers! (my blog is not shutting down ;D)

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