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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Surfing Fences & Giveaway #2

Daily Jamaasian News

Hey jammers! I finally got Cinna, Duskeh and Silver's Lemonade Stand posted in the videos section! Also, Animal Jam has fixed its little loading problem overnight, so I can get back on again. Wow, how nice is that? I was bored out of my mind yesterday with these limits: I read every book in my possession, it was raining outside, I had done everything else on my laptop, none of my friends were around, and Animal Jam was down. SOO boring!
Anyway, since Animal Jam was down yesterday, I have two new item to show you, both sold in Jam-Mart-Furniture: the Surfboard for 500 gems and the Picket Fence for 200 gems.

Anyway, today is Sunday! That means two things... spring break is over tomorrow >.< and it's giveaway day! Today's giveaway is..... the Crystal Blue Dragon Glove!!!!

To enter this week's giveaway just comment below with your username, status (member or non member) and a good reason why you want the item! The best reason wins! Good luck everyone!

In other news, I was doing a Underwater Party at my den and found a strange little glitch in the actions... The Poses were on top of the land animal's sitting positions! Check it out!

Happy Jamming!

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