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Monday, March 31, 2014

New Tabs + Reminders

Update Post

Hey jammers! I have several things to talk about in this post, lol...

1. Giveaway Reminder

Remember jammers, the 1st giveaway results will come in tomarrow with the Daily Jamaasian News! Make sure to enter, I probably check the comments to that one about every ten minets lolz! ^.^ To enter, just comment below or on the Giveaway post with this information: Your username, your status (member or non member), and a good reason why you want that item! The best reason wins a pink headfeather! Don't worry if you don't win, I will be doing giveaways weekly! This week's giveaway item:
2. Contest Reminder

March's Best Buddy contest entries were due today! The winner is... (drumroll please)
Ninjabearrat and CoffeeManiac!!! These are the only buddy pair that entered this month's Buddy Contest, and here is the picture they sent in!
CoffeeManiac and Ninjabearrat are showing off with the "Classic Ninjabearrat" style in the latest Fashion Newsletter! Congratulations on winning the Best Buds Contest!
April's Best Buddy Conest will start on the first! (tomorrow) Remember, send in your entries to, they will be due on the 25th with winners announced the next day. Good luck!
3. New Tab
Hey jammers! You probably didn't know, but I love doing Animal Jam videos! Today I will be making a new page with all my videos, and there are more on the way! Enjoy them! ^.^
4. Picture Tip
Ever find that pictues on blogger are sometimes hard to see? This is a trick I only recently learned myself, one that allows you to see the pictures in full screen! Simply click on any picture to see it enlarged. Try it out with the AJ animation below:
So cute! This is the newest one! LOL
5. New Co-author
Cinapaw, my buddy from school, has recently gotten a Gmail account so that she can post on my blog! Be sure to check out her first post on The Search for Greely, Jamaa's newest adventure, with sneek peaks and spoiler alerts. Also, have fun reading her AJLC coauthor portfolio just below mine on the Left Sidebar! Happy Jamming!

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