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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Non member review #2

Hey jammers I am now coming out with my second non member review! I would like to thank Wolfie292003 for helping with this weeks review! (a reminder they come out every Wednesday or Tuesday night if I am inpatient lolz!) Anyway todays review is going to be about pets!! (including ones in Jamaa's diamond shop.) Everyone has at least one pet I'm sure I mean they are so AWESOME! If you don't have one I recommend you get ones. Sorry straying off topic. Anyway yet again pets are mostly for members then non members. Wolfie and I came up with 4 non member pets hamsters, sea horses (they are recently added as non member pets.) and Kangaroos (you get them for AJ jump.) This is OBVIOUSLY unfair to non members. (since that's what reviews are about :D) Although I just found this out that non members do have a CHANCE of getting diamonds so good luck with the daily spin I got one on there with Cinapaw2 (I have Cinapaw 2-14 my brother stole Cinapaw1 and I am Cinapaw so yea..........) Although you cant get much of anything. Every pet in the diamond shop is for MEMBERS oh what a SHOCK another members only thing!!!! :( This is really not all that thoughtful on AJs part I mean they couldn't stop for a minute and say what if a non member DID get a diamond? but no they didn't :O! I'm sorry that the NON members had to deal with this. (don't worry AJ and members your both still awesome! Plus it is AJ's fault no offense AJ.) Well another unfair thing in Animal jam for the non members humph. Well I hope you have a great time jamming! Good luck with those diamonds! Happing Jamming!!!

Btw I don't know why but Wolfie wants me to tell you AJ is being a Meany Pineapple (whatever that means you will have to ask! lolz)

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