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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Expanded Golf Treasure

Hey Jammers! Today I have lots of exciting news, Jamaa's real busy! First, we have today's new item, the....

The Golf Bag! Wow, HQ must really be getting into sports for the Spring/Summer season.

The next batch of news is that this week's giveaway has been further extended. It has now been moved to end of Friday, so get your entries in quick! Comment with your username, status, and a good reason why you want the item! This week I'm giving away a Crystal Blue Dragon Glove.
Over at the Animal Jam News blog, ihaskitkats123 has won the Silly Story Contest. Congratulations!
At the AJ Spirit Blog, Snowy takes a trip to France! Head on over to the AJS to check out her new video!
So much for other blog news, lets get back on topic. ^.^ The clothes glitch has been acting up recently. Some of you have probably noticed that when you search up a player for the second time in one session ( is suppose you could call it a session I don't really know what else!), the player will appear with the same patterns/clothes as a certain animal. It will appear on all the animals. I was serching snowyclaw yesterday and found her fox dressed as the infamous Old Frozenspirit....


Some animals don't look so nice in Old's look... lol!

Also, just a reminder...  The AJLC's first Mini Blog... Treasure Hunting! I'm excited about this fun new experiment, but remeber, it's a work and progress ;D lolz

Happy jamming!

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