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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Big Skateboards & Commenters

Daily Jamaasian News + Extended Giveaway

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had a friend over till 6:30 and by then I had lots of other busying things to do! So, as a result, I'll just pull yesterday's post into today's.

Also, I'm going to extend the Giveaway till Wednesday, to give more people a chance to enter. So far only have two! Remember, I'm giving away a member's Crystal Blue Dragon Glove, enter a comment below with your user, status (member nm) and reason! Good luck!

 Yesterday was Monday! And that means the weekly rare has come out from the depths of rarity. Yesterday's item was a Rare Big Bow, sold in Jam-Mart-Clothing for 600 gems! it's cheaper then some rares, but certainly pricey for a bow.

 (sorry I couldn't get a proper picture!)

Future Rarity Prediction Scale: 5

 Anyway, over at the Daily Explorer, we have a couple new posts...
First, the weekly RIM post.

Then we have a Jammer Tip,

And, last, we have a little article on Malasian Tigers.

And over at The Animal Jam News,, we have the ending day of the Silly Contest! Make sure to enter soon! ;D

Also, I would love to announce this week's top Commenters! I know Tuesday isn't a splendid day to start, but I couldn't wait! Last week's commenters were...
-Makenna White-
-anne onimous-
-Eternal Myth-
Thank you so much guys!!!

 Remember, it's Diamond Day for Members! That's all! Happy Jamming!

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