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Friday, April 11, 2014

Elegant Guidebooks

Daily Jamaasian News + Giveaway Results

Hey Jammers! Today again there isn't much news, sadly. Today's new item is the Elegant Table, sold for 2,000 gems in Epic Wonders! (sorry if there are more typos then ususal, I hurt my finger last night)

Ahh, it's just so... well... elegant. Now this is an item I never thought AJ would come out with!
Speaking of items we thought AJ would never come out with, it's been spotted amoung Amazon's book stock that AJ came out with a all new Official Insider's Guidebook! National Geographic always came out with good books, but, not even having read it, I think this one's the best yet!
Tips and Tricks, Secret Stratagies, Pawesome Photos and Fun Facts! Whew, it's the whole deal! I can't wait to get this book! It's $9.00 for paperback, do you think you'll be getting one?
In other news we have... the results of this week's giveaway! I know that it was VERY extended, and yet nobody else entered. But, since tomorrow is the prewarning to next week's giveaway, I can't extend it any longer. So the winner of the Crystal Blue Dragon Glove is...
I will give you your prize as soon as I'm done here.
Don't forget jammers, I may be changing my username. If you're not my buddy this section doesn't concern you. If you are, do not remove SmartyPawz! Happy Jamming!

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