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Saturday, April 19, 2014

So sorry about this random post

 I know I said goodbye but I wanted my last post to help jammers to get cool and amazing things. The phantom armor is new in the Search for Greely. I am going to give a chest tutorial about what piece of armor is in which chest. Top left is the Phantom mask it looks like a phantom and has an angry purple eye, top middle is the phantom amulet same Idea as the phantom mask only the amulet is smaller and is on a black cord, Top right is the phantom armor typical purple and black but it has a pipe coming out of it that drips phantom gunk, Bottom left is phantom gauntlets these are way cool the look sort of like spirit gloves and do damage to phantom pods and webs but while they are doing this there are flashes of white or purple coming out of them not to mention the purple circle that follows you around! And last is the phantom tail armor bottom right it is same color as rest of the armor and is open like tail armor. I recommend using any animal but making their main color black the second color purple the eyes purple and use the swirl patterns with MORE purple!! It makes you wonder are phantoms all girls? Who knows anyhow thank you for all the comments blah blah blah etc. but really thank you for making this blog possible and to all my AJ buddies and all the commenters! Here is the picture of me and my fox wearing phantom armor. (WARNING: it takes forever to get all the armor pieces. and here is also the picture of the chests to help figure out what not. Happy jamming!!! Cinapaw.

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