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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Commenting Helm Winners ;D

Daily Jamaasian News

Hey jammers! I apoligize for such a late post, you know school. Anyway, today's new item is the Ship's Helm Table sold in Sunken Treasures for 500 gems.

Only two variaties, quite unusual. Anyway, lets slip over to the Giveaway Winners!
I had two very hard choices to make with the giveaway, and I had a black pair I didn't want, so in first place Wasomji1 will be recieving the pink mech wings. In second, snicket8419 will be receiving black mech wings! Thank you all for entering! ^.^

This week's top commenters are...
-anne onimus-
:( I'm kinda sad there aren't more, but oh well.

Today's glitch is another adventure one. Sorry that those are the only glitches I had been posting about lately, but they are (sadly) the only ones I can find. Anyway, now I suppose horses can climb trees...
AJ News Blog News:Lava Crystal Giveaway!
Animal Jam News:the shoutouts go to: clevertiger22702 oliviafox7 bravedragonstar2 12w34567
rolver doos1885 kat13759
Roleplays News: Gardiansofgahool101 has won the abilities contest! Congrats!

Thats all for today, happy jamming!!!


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