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Monday, April 14, 2014

Rare Leaf Necklace and Haunted Phantoms

Daily Jamaasian News + This Week's Giveaway

Hey jammers! Today's RIM is the Rare Leaf Necklace sold in JMCS for 350 gems! What a cheap rare! We haven't had those in a while.
The Daily Explorer has done its formal post...

Speaking of the Daily Explorer, I'm behind on some posts!
Future Rarity Prediction Scale: 5
For this week, I will be giving away pink mech wings!
To enter this week's giveaway, comment below with your username, status (member/nonmember), and a good reason why you want the item! The best reason wins! Good luck!!!
For today's glitch, I found something quite strange in Falling Phantoms... a enchanted peach-colored object that ran in place on the feild. If you don't beileve me, take a looky:
It looks sort of like a shark fin... It never moved from its hidden place, just ran in place the entire game. And it moved as a AJ charecter would breath after the game was over. Also, it never mattered how many phantoms hit it, the thing was invincible! What do you think it is?

In the way of blogs, we have a new post over at The Animal Jam Fun Jam (! Pink's ranting on about sitting Primmmm and Propperrrrrrr. XD
Over at the AJ Sky, my blog has been added to the "more blogs" list! YAY!

Don't forget to watch for the Black Egg today!

At the Animal Jam News Blog, we have a horse plushie auction!

Thats all, happy jamming!

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