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Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Co-Authors!

Coming soon!

Hey jammers! I have some exciting news: my friends from school, bunnieawesomness5 and CoffeeManiac, have agreed to help me out a bit at the Logic Center! They have decided to become Co-Authors, so here are their positions and info:

Hi, I'm bunnieawesomness 5, and I will be positing on the LC!  One of my animal jam goals is trying to get each color of party hat. Please buddy me and trade me and everything!  (P.S. I will be in charge of "surprise posts" they do not have a certain time or day or anything to come out, they just surprise you!)

Hi! My name is CoffeeManiac, and I'll be posting the Animal Jam Fashion Newsletter
I (obviously) play AJ, though I'm not as good at it as tecweb and bunnieawesomness5 :) Outside of AJ, I love to read books, play soccer, and play my musical instruments (these include flute, bassoon, guitar, and banjo) By the way, my favorite book is The Lord of the Rings, my favorite band is Led Zeppelin, and my favorite color, is pink!!! My goal on AJ is to get a bunny epic plushie. I'm excited to start posting the Animal Jam Fashion Newsletter!

Greetings, I am tecweb, main author and creator of the AJLC! I fell in love with AJ in late 2011, and have been playing, collecting, and adventuring ever since! I am so very excited about my new blog! I love to read and to be outside, and I play the violin, harmonica, cello and mandolin! My favorite animal Jam activities are costomizing my outfit and meeting new friends! Enjoy my blog! ;D

Coauthor: ninjabearrat
Hey! I'm ninjabearrat, and I have just been hired to help with writing the Animal jam fashion newsletters. I know what you are thinking. "What a weird name! what the heck you weirdo!" Well thanks, you are right, I am a weirdo. I believe in expressing my weirdness. Anyway, in my animal jam life I try to go to the fullest extent as a non-member. Unfortunately, the "no more than 200 items in your den" message has remained an obstacle for quite some time. Anyway, life outside of animal jam is rather nice. I love to read, write, draw, and use my imagination to the fullest. I also am into swimming, and would like to take parkour. Many interests include (yeah this is going to end up being a really lengthy portfolio) things such as: Harry Potter, Monty Python, Star Trek, Superheroes, Lord of the Rings, and pretty much any other geeky thing you can find. As an extra note, I play the piano and the drums, and love to eat chocolate and pastries and sandwiches. If you survived reading this far through my portfolio, well, good job. I would like to award you with the patience award of the year. ok, good bye, and keep on jammin'!


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