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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Superly Duperly annoying glitch has returned.... + Cosmo's Tiki

Hey guys! I can't do Daily Jam News cuz guess what! The superly duperly annoying loading glitch I showed you guys that one time has prevented me from getting on my account. How annoyment (Yes, I'm using a lot of made up words in this post)?! Anywayz, I looked on Scooter's blog and apparently today's new item is... The Cosmo Tiki Statue!


Have you guys heard about all the "Julian Drama?" Apparently, Lilac deleted his channel again... D: Who knows what to think of her now. I honestly don't know who to beileve. He's gone again, and everyone says he deserved it... I was a fan, yeah. And I also know he didn't deserve that much. You guys are gonna be like, "You liked Julian2?!" Well, whatever. Haters are going to hate. SOOOO with that said, I'm really confused. Sorry I brought up this random topic I couldn't think of anything else to say... lol

Updates are tomorrow, remember to get your phoenix armor today!!

Stay safe, and happy jamming!

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