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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mysterious Items? + Egyptian Beards

Hey jammers! I'm so so so sorry for not posting for a while. I had started to think I wouldn't do daily item posts because I was constantly so tierd with schoolwork and cross country to be balancing already. But I have somehow dug out the time to post -- which explains why I'm here!

Today's new item is the Egyptian Beard, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 450 gems. Hold on a second - I though Jammers voted in the Ice Cream Parlor and not Egyptian Treasure!!! Whatever - Egyptian is cool, too!

I'm too lazy to make a GIF out of it, sorry XD

The other thing I wanted to post today was the Mystery Items of AJ. Keep in mind this is just a preview of the new mini-blog all about AJ Mysteries. Also, you can find the link in the "Extras" Page under "Other Blogs by SmartyPawz" This preview  is about one that all of you know - scullies; removed from AJ (permanently? Nope.)
Scullies were pondered on for a long time. Jammers worthwhile came up with the conclusion that scullies were removed because they looked inappropriate on pandas. However, lately, the mystery item has been appearing throughout Jamaa in an unexplained way.

Some say scullies returned in the Forgotten Desert. I must say that it is strange timing; AJHQ makes pandas - the reason scullies dissapeared in the first place - "endangered", and right when they do reports of scullies start to turn up. What do you think?

End of the preview! Make sure to visit the mini-blog, which will be released tonight!

Stay Safe & Jam On!

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