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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beta pink jug and Tiki Chair

Hey guys! I will be posting for SmartyPawz today as she as at a family reunion.
So today's new item is:

The tiki char!

The other new item at the beta party is, of course for members:

Beta Pink Jar!

Lastly I leave you with some released otter photo's and a daily explorer post:

I got the photo's from, Animal Jam Spirit

Now for the daily explorer post:
AJ ACADEMY – Food Chain

How much do you know about food chains? We use a lot of strange words that you may not know when we talk about animal behaviors.

Head over to Animal Jam Academy to boost your vocabulary and learn more about the food chain!

They are talking about the food chain

That's all for today!

Jam On!


  1. The otters are so cute! Great job posting, it really helps ^D^
    Sorry, I have a little bit of time to comment, just too little time to post D:

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