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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chatty Beta BBQ Party!

Daily Jamaasian News

Greetings, Jammers! Well, sine nobody looks at my blog since I hung away from it for a long time and basically lost all the 2 follows I ever got, I wasn't going to post this... but I'm just too excited! So here it is! The... Logic Center's very first hosted party!!!

Where: SmartyPawz's Den
When: September 1st, 11:30 AM AJ's Time (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Why: 5,500 pageviews & 50 YouTube subscribers!
Activities: Trading, gifting, Friendship Present Exchange, Chatting on the AJLC Chat Box, Blogging Party, Hangin' around XD, Giveaway First Day, and more!
Please come if you can make it! Thanks!
Server: Tigris

Well, in other news, today's new item is the Barbeque Grill. 

Today's second new item (Wow, AJ's really getting into this!) Is the "Beta" TV - which, in fact, looks absolutely NOTHING like the original one.

Sadly, when you click on it, it doesn't have any channels. Will this increase the rarity of original beta televisions?

Watch out for the New signs around the AJLC! 

Never fear, the Chat Box is here! That's right! The logic center's Xat Chat Box has finally arrived because it's owner finally figured out how to paste the stinkin' link into the HTML! Yay! Check out the Chat page for the all new Chat Box!!!

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  1. I still view this blog, Smarty! :D

  2. I LOVE THE NEW BLOG!!!! :) Will Visit every day

  3. oh and by the way just saying the other new item is new antlers or something, it's in epic wonders. :D

  4. I stalk the blog o3o. Its the only way I can see the new updates n's stuff without buying a new computer

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