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Sunday, June 29, 2014

I'm back + Strange Animal Glitch and Freedom Foxhats!

Daily Jamaasian News

Woot woot! I'm back!!! YAY! You guys may have noticed I've been doing a lot on YouTube lately to make up for the time I was gone (I uploaded 3 videos yesterday and am doing 2 more today)! I plan to do the same on Blogger. I have a new post on RATH and am heading off to do some roleplaying at the Phantom RP after this. 

Today's new item is the Freedom Foxhat over in the Freedom Party! Yay, its here! (but a little pricey, eh?)

Here's a video for Thursday's update!

I have a new daily section to introduce: Links! If there are any links in the post for that day, I will have a Links section, in small font, under my Crest. And, a new page: About the Authors! The gadgets on the side of my blog are becoming quite crowded, so I decided to include a new feature in my Crest: Just click it and it'll take you to the page!

Now, I know Pink's supposed to do Glitches, but I need to share this one with ya! A strange, floating animal glitch. Here are some pictures.

Phantom RP: RolePlaying

Stay safe and Play Wild! Try out the new page!
(Like the new photo?)

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