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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bringing Back Beta...

Hey guys! So, gazelles are back. You probably already know. You also probably already know that spikes are more then likely coming back tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about this...

Happy because:
1) My old spike was scammed, I could get it back!
2) I could finally get a spike! *Sings for the First time in Forever from Frozen*
3) They will increase in rarity after RIM, and you could get good things from them.

Sad because:
1) All the people who worked hard for the spikes they already had..
2) Why can't AJHQ just give more of them out in Adventures?

Please comment your opinion, I'd love to hear!

Well, let me know how you think. I don't know about this... but stay safe and happy jamming in the mean time!

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