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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Been Busy... Help Needed!

Daily Jamaasian News + Author Tryouts (help needed!)

Hello guys! I'm SOOOOO sorry that I haven't been able to post, I've been so busy! I know this has happened several times, and so I decided to address a new option... Author tryouts!

To tryout for being an author, fill out the form below in the comments:

1. Animal Jam Username:
You need to play animal jam to  help with this blog. I will add you if you aren't already my buddy.

2. Preferred Position (optional):
If there is a certain part of this blog that you want to help with, please tell me. Right now, the only taken position is glitches. If I have been too busy to post lately, I will need to have you have been a author on my blog for 3 weeks. Then I will promote you to a administrator. Note: Administrators only can do Daily Jamaasian News. If you abuse the administrator position, I will either demote you back to a author, or, if it's bad enough, not let you post on this blog.

3.  Animal Jam Status:
If you're a member or non member ^D^

4. Interview:
I just need a small summary of your hobbies, sports, favorites, or anything else to post on "Meet the Logic Center Team!" page!

5. An Animal Jam Character picture or animation:
A snip of your AJ character or a animation / drawing to go with your interview. This CAN be your profile picture.

6. Blogger Account / Gmail Address:
I need this so I can add you as an author! If you don't want to comment it, email it to me at!

Thanks guys! I will really appreciate any help that comes my way. :D

Today's new item is.. The Inline Skates!

Thats all for today! Happy Jamming!

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