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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Underwater Tiki Tigers

Daily Jamaasian News

Hey jammers! Yay, it's finally Sunday, but aww, I missed the Sky Earth Day Party. :C Anyway, today we have two new items! The dirt bike, sold in JMF for 550 gems,

And the Sunken Liza Tiki Statue Thingy. It looks really angry, if you ask me.

Yay, glitch time! I discovered this glitch in Aldan, and thanks to Spookspurple and liv10293, I learned it! I like to call it the Sea Tiger Glitch...

 What fun this was! All you have to do is go to someone's den who isn't your buddy, then be a tiger and wait there (sometimes its best to do it with a storage account). The owner of the den goes to Bahari Bay and locks it. Then your set!
The Daily Explorer has a Jammer Tip on Phantom Armor!

Thats all! Happy Jamming!

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